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With our easy-to-use tool, you can create high-quality synthetic speech files in just seconds. Plus, you can download the files as MP3 and WAV audio files for use in your projects.

What We Do Best

Get the latest generation of synthetic voices

we have a growing library of 900+ natural-sounding AI generated voices with humanlike intonation in 100+ languages and accents powered by machine learning technology. We have the latest generation of synthetic voices which is most identical with a human voice.

Thai Text to Speech.

  • ณัชชา Thai
  • Quân Vietnamese
  • Liên Vietnamese
  • Eleanora Filipino
  • Scot Filipino
  • Jasmin German
  • Dennis German
  • Dorthea Danish
  • Gedvilas Lithuanian
  • Sofie Danish
  • Alice Portuguese
  • Afonso Portuguese
  • Carolina Portuguese
  • Daehyun Korean

France Text to Speech.

  • Léa French
  • Mathieu French
  • Orrin Chinese
  • Jorge Spanish
  • Saranya Tamil
  • Ara Korean
  • Joseph Maltese
  • Keita Japanese
  • Bertrand Bengali
  • Maurice French
  • Darmanto Indonesian
  • Aranya Thai
  • Tamas Hungarian
  • Elham Arabic
Why Text to Speech (TTS)

A simple & easy Text to Voice converter

Text To Voice Converter is an amazing tool that allows you to convert text into audio files with just a few clicks. This is great for creating recordings of instructions, blog posts, or product descriptions. Now, there is no need to pay expensive recording fees or use complex audio editing software.

Background Music

Keep track of all the important KPIs in your organization across

Merge Audio

Keep track of all the important KPIs in your organization across

Audio Converter

Keep track of all the important KPIs in your organization across

Emotion in voice

We've voices with emotions.

Why Us?

Get Best Ai Voices which sounds like real human

We provide the best Ai voices that sound like real humans from industry leading providers like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. We have an Ultra Realistic voice that are the latest generation of Ai voices.

Voice solution for your next project

Use Cases.

E-learning Materials

Narrative voices with the ability to pronounce terminologies and acronyms in training materials.

Audio Articles

Integrate easy-to-use SEO-friendly audio widgets into your websites for accessibility and commitment.

IVR Systems

Business voice interactions for your clients on IVR and telephony systems.


Clear, consistent, and professional voices for marketing, explainer, product, and YouTube videos.